Farming technology is changing the way we farm. Connect your equipment with Case IH Advanced Farming System (AFS) technology to increase productivity and efficiency year-round.

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To effectively manage your agricultural operation, you need data. You can make smarter decisions with accurate GPS-based maps at your fingertips. Advanced Farming System products help you:


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1. optimize water management with accurate topographic maps for land leveling, drainage or improved site-specific agronomy.


2. scout crops and collect map data easily and on the fly, often during other field operations, just by pressing a button.


3. create a wide range of sampling regimes out in the field.


4. quickly map and navigate around field boundaries, point, line, or area features, viewing all on-screen while you work.


5. map hard-to-reach features from a vehicle or airplane using the convenient offset function.


6. accurately scout crops and navigate to weeds, pests and diseased areas.



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GPS products-Trimble

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