Meet the Parts Staff

Eight individuals currently staff the Parts Department. Here are some of the key individuals that you might talk to when you visit or call Booth Machinery.


  • PauloS
    Paulo Salgado
    Front Parts Counter

    Paulo has been working for Booth Machinery for a little over 8 years. He started working with the service technicians in the shop and moved up on to the front parts counter. After hours Paulo enjoys performing in his group 'Desperado' where he plays the keyboard and is their lead singer.

  • jacob-camarillo.jpg
    Jacob Camarillo
    Parts Retail Counter

    Jacob is one of our bilingual retail countermen. Jacob has been with Booth Machinery for 9 years. He is a fast learner and likes new challenges. He is also a rabid San Francisco 49er fan. Stop by and ask him about the latest injury reports.

  • no-photo-available.jpg
    Nazario Laurean
    Parts Retail Counter

    Nazario has been with Booth Machinery for 3 years. Nazario is part of the team that waits on our retail parts counter as well as helping with shipping and receiving.

  • ChristyG
    Christy Gfeller
    Inventory Control Specialist

    Christy has been with Booth Machinery for over 10 years. It is her job to make certain that what the computer says we have is actually there. She also handles all the paperwork for the parts department. Though you may not always see her on a regular basis, she is a key reason that we have the correct parts on hand at the right price.

  • CSa
    Claudio Sarabia
    Parts Support

    Claudio has been part of the Booth Machinery team since 2007. He works hand-in-hand with our Service Department hunting down parts & tools necessary to complete their assigned tasks. Claudio has worked in the automotive industry all his adult life and developed team and logistics skills thanks to his involvement in Baja Desert racing as a volunteer and with the company sponsored softball team - To Da Brain.

    (928) 248-3016

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