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Welcome to Booth Machinery - Bakersfield, CA

Join us for a tour of Booth Machinery's Bakersfield facility! Click on any of the "thumbnail" images below for a larger view.

Booth Machinery Inc. opened its 26,000 square foot facility on March 7, 2016. This facility is located on 12 acres at 19474 Industry Parkway Drive. With easy access to Interstate 99 our facility is easy to find.

Need Directions?
Take the 7th Street/Merle Haggard exit off of Interstate 99 and drive east. We will be on the north side of the road about 1/8th of a mile from the Interstate.



The Parts Department

Currently the Parts Department occupies 12,000 square feet of building space with 3,000 feet dedicated to self service parts displays. With over $1,100,000 in parts inventory and a first pass fill rate of 90+%

Front Parts Area Booth Machinery provides its customers parts service that is one of the best in North America. Our commitment to stocking the right part, assures our customers of maximum uptime. In order to service our customers promptly, we have 7 customer stations at the parts counter. We understand that time is money.


Bakersfield Part StoreFront Parts Area - Click here   Bakersfield Part Counter 1Parts Counter 1 - Click here   Bakersfield Part Counter 2Parts Counter 2 - Click here




The Service Department

The Service Department's shop area consists of 20 service bays that occupy 22,000 square feet that is climate controlled. The shop is equipped with four 5 ton bridge cranes and ten bulk oil dispensing stations. Each group of 4 technicians has their own computer terminal that they use to look up and order their parts. These investments were made in order to minimize the time that a customers unit stays in the shop. Again we want to maximize our customers uptime. These features also benefit our customers monetarily. 

Bakersfield Service DepartmentThe Shop1 - Click here


Bakersfield Service Department 2The Shop2 - Click here




The Training Center

Because we believe in training, Booth Machinery built an on-site training facility to ensure that all of our technicians receive the training they need. Our customers can be assured that our technicians have the training to do the job efficiently and correctly. Our customers can also enjoy our training center for meetings and special functions

Bakersfield Training Center 1Training Center1 - Click here     Bakersfield Training Center 2Training Center2 - Click here   Bakersfield Training Center 3Training Center3 - Click here




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