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Booth Machinery understands that purchasing a piece of Ag equipment isn’t always the best option, especially if you only need a tractor on a temporary basis. Why not tackle a new project with the right tool or finish an existing job that just needs to get done, with a rental. Booth Machinery rents tractors, backhoes, skid steer loaders, irrigation pumps, fuel trailers, water trucks and so much more.


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Farmall 30A
Farmall 35
Farmall 105N/V Orchard
Farmall 115/120 Orchard
Farmall 115/120



Maxxum 115/125
Maxxum 145/150
Maxxum 170/185



Magnum 180
Magnum 280/290
Magnum 315/340
Magnum 340 Magna Track
Magnum 380 Magna Track



Steiger 370 *Available Ag or Scraper
Steiger 420/450 *Available Ag or Scraper
Steiger 520 *Available Ag or Scraper
Steiger 580 *Available Ag or Scraper
Steiger 620 *Available Ag or Scraper
Steiger 370 *Available Ag or Scraper
Steiger 450 *Scrapers available *Discs/Implements upon request
Steiger 500/550 *Scrapers available *Discs/Implements upon request
Steiger 580/620 *Scrapers available *Discs/Implements upon request



CASE 586 *Box Clamps available *Reach forklifts to 10,000 lbs
CASE 588 *Box Clamps available *Reach forklifts to 10,000 lbs
Manitou MS-30 *Box Clamps available *Reach forklifts to 10,000 lbs



CASE 580 4x4 Extend-a-Hoe



CASE 721/821


Irrigation Pumps

60 Acre 175 HP
80 Acre 240 HP


Fuel Trailers

500 Gallons
750 Gallons
990 Gallons



2 Seater
4 Seater


Water Trucks

500 Water Trailer
2000 Gallon
4000 Gallon